Senior Management and leadership courses

There is no such thing as a 'typical' manager. These diverse individuals come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Their functions, projects and staff support all differ, however they share many of the same challenges.

Whether you are a supervisor, team leader, middle or senior manager, our management training courses will help and inspire you to be a great leader and people manager.

Leadership Focus has a range of management courses to help you inspire and motivate teams whilst achieving strategic goals.

Our Level 3 and 5 qualifications are specially designed to support and develop managers with the blend of skills, knowledge and understanding they need to deliver in their broad and complex roles.

Our Courses Include

  1. Strategic Leadership Practice
  2. Strategic Management and Leadership
  3. Strategic Performance Management
  4. Financial Management
  5. Strategic Information Management
  6. Conducting a Strategic Management
  7. Project Organizational Direction and Strategic Planning
  8. Strategic Marketing
  9. Organisational Change
  10. Human Resource Planning
  11. Being a Strategic Leader

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