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The Leadership Focus team consists of experienced practitioners who have all worked for market leading companies and who understand what is required to define, measure, monitor and achieve organizational change in strategical undertakings.

Success comes through well-thought-out planning and implementation, supported by state of the art IT tools to stay on top of events at all times.

Leadership Focus relies on the New World Kirkpatrick Model to help you to:

  • Define measurable organizational targets (Level 4, Results)
  • Identify changes in culture and behaviour which are required to make change happen (Level 3, Behaviour)
  • Design and deliver training programmes to bring about change (Level2, Learning)
  • Plan and implement evaluation mechanisms to verify that training programmes are reacted to favorably and the stage is set for new knowledge being applied in practice (Level 1, Reaction)

When change programmes fail to deliver on the desired Return On Expectations (ROE), failure to bring about change in peoples' behaviour is most likely at the heart of the problem.

Leadership Focus applies a set best practices to bridge what is sometimes called the 'great divide', the gap between levels 2 and 3 – the crucial step from acquiring knowledge and transferring it to actual application it in relevant job-situations.

Whether you require 'hands-off' guidance or more comprehensive support: Leadership Focus can provide you with the framework to succeed. When planning, executing and demonstrating value by bringing about change; with Leadership Focus at your side you have a competent partner to back you up.


Being able to address the question of 'creating or maintaining competitive advantage' is one of the reasons why Leadership Focus are trusted by leading organisations in the UK and elsewhere to provide culture change and engagement guidance.

We understand the importance of drawing up a roadmap, defining success factors and identifying critical behaviours and required drivers – not forgetting about including 'quick wins' to provide encouragement along the way. Furthermore we can act as a spur to action when the temptation to slide back into the 'great divide' beckons.

From programme management to detailed design or even the provision of steering group or design authority guidance our practitioners will work with you to design creative, measurable, fit for purpose solutions that will guarantee success.

The alternative? Well you are on your own on that one!


The Leadership Focus team uses a variety of tried and tested measurement tools, all of which can be placed at the disposal of our clients. From 360° reviews to engagement surveys and from cultural assessments to review workshops the effective use of measurements will considerably enhance the chance of success.

More importantly we work with the people within the client organisation to ensure that we maximize the impact of our work by transferring learning as we go. This enables our clients to be self-sufficient and to sustain the change of performance once the initial programme has completed.

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