I would also like to say a big thanks to you Alia for making the two days a really enjoyable experience. The techniques you used and the way you encouraged the group to participate provoked all of us to think about the way we act as managers.
You ensured that both sessions were delivered at a comfortable pace whilst still keeping everyone's attention and interest throughout.


Community Partnerships Manager, Peaks & Plains Housing Trust

This course, unlike any other, has truly changed the direction of my life. I now understand what it is and why it is, to be an effective manager and leader. This course has immeasurably enhanced my future


Psychotherapist and consultant

I did the Management & Leadership Diploma and it is the best course I have ever been on. This is in no small measure down to the trainer's professionalism, knowledge, and expertise which made all the delegates feel comfortable and hence apply 100% towards the course. Within 6 months of completing and passing the course, I got a new, more senior and better paid job!


LL.M & Cand.Jur., National Policing Improvement Agency

Our investment in this course has been more than justified. The increased competence and confidence of our newly qualified managers has already exceeded my expectations. Their commitment to continuous professional development and Blenheim CDP is commendable and this course's professionalism had a huge role to play in this.


 CEO, Blenheim CDP

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