ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management

ILM Level 3

Award in Leadership and
Management Fast Track Cours





3 days

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This practical Fast Track, ILM Level 3 course provides supervisors and managers with an internationally recognised management qualification. This course offers numerous practical training benefits and our candidates enjoy a chance to share insights and learning on the fundamentals of management over this three day training session.

Awarded and accredited by ILM, this internationally recognised, Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management provides supervisors and managers with a recognised qualification that focuses on the core skills required for the new manager. The course has the potential to generate tangible return on investment for employers, by way of cost savings and quality improvements in your workflows and workplace output. Leadership Focus show you how to create a toolkit of techniques that you and your teams can apply when you finish your sessions and return to day-to-day work life.

Suitable Candidates

The Leadership Focus Fast Track, ILM Level 3 course is suitable for managers, team leaders or supervisors who have only basic management training. This course is particularly suitable for professionals who aspire, or have the potential to be promoted to a management position.

However, there are ILM qualifications covering a number of levels so no matter what your current skill set, we can help you to develop the managerial and leadership skills you need to help move your career onward and upwards. We work with managers at all levels from newly promoted team leaders up to senior executives.

Learning Objectives

Leadership Focus Fast Track, ILM Level 3 management training course will help you: understand the role of the leader; identify your own leadership style; see opportunities and develop and build a credible reputation; understand and gain the trust of your team; identify the various roles within your team; develop a balance of skills; use communication techniques to build productive relationships; confidently address common performance issues and deal effectively with conflict.


Three assignments must be completed. These vary, and must be completed and submitted within six weeks of course completion. You will be offered two hours of tutorial support over this period.
Successful completion of the programme entitles you to free ILM membership – a way to continue learning and build your professional network. As part of this membership you will also receive up-to-date information that is relevant for today's developing supervisors and managers.

Learning Outcomes

This qualification is an internationally recognised qualification from a prestigious professional awarding institute approved by OF Qual. The level X qualification is a degree level qualification. Managers who achieve this qualification are recognised globally as a professionally qualified manager. This table will give you a rough idea of how the qualifications we offer compared to other qualifications.

Qualification level 3 roughly equates to:

  • The first year of an undergraduate degree
  • Diploma of Higher Education
  • HNDs
  • BTEC Professional Diplomas, Certificates and Awards

Benefits of taking ILM accredited course

Earning an ILM qualification is a great commitment to make for your career. Unlike many workplace qualifications, ILM courses focus on providing real value for real people. As an ILM course provider, we understand that a 'one size fits all' approach does not work for professional development. We recognise that as an individual you have your own unique skillset and professional ambitions, which we work with you to achieve.
Here are just some of the real benefits that you could experience by achieving an ILM qualification with our courses.

Fully recognised qualification

All of the ILM qualifications that we deliver have been UK government approved and are recognised as high-quality certifications. Employers recognise the high standard of this qualification and can confidently use it as an indicator of your knowledge in relevant areas. This means it can help you pursue your dream career, or earn a promotion in your current position.

Focus on impacts and quantifiable results

Our ILM qualifications place an emphasis on creating impacts – both for students and their employers. We consider this to be a crucial part of measuring students' professional development. Our focused assessments allow students to demonstrate that they have developed a full understanding of how to implement their new skills successfully in a workplace environment. Having completed an ILM qualification which has quantifiable impacts.

Genuine impact

Many qualifications sound great on paper, but are too far removed from the real world of work to have any real impact on your career. Our ILM qualifications are different, as they focus on practical skills which can be implemented in the workplace and can instantly improve your prospects for a management position.

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