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The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader residential sessions offer a unique opportunity for you and your team to step out of the work environment into a space where both personal and professional Emotional Intelligence (EI) can be assessed and evolved.

Our residential course offers an immersive and positive experience for all, and has produced excellent outcomes for business leaders, at every level, that want to discover the power of positive change.

Leadership Focus’s experts review existing attitudes and thinking, and guide you through a tailored programme of development sessions, designed to maximise personal benefit.

Leadership Focus show you how to channel and control emotions and deliver positive outcomes. By challenging and transforming personal beliefs into new attitudes, you can increase productivity, build a better understanding of how your behaviour influences yourself and those around you, and gain awareness of yourself and others.

By developing a greater regard for yourself and others, you can remove limiting beliefs that hinder or block personal performance. These residential sessions will help you gain clarity on how feelings, thoughts and behaviours affect decisions and outcomes.

Jon Treanor, Leadership Focus



  • Self-Image, self-Awareness. Enhancing awareness to increase personal and interpersonal effectiveness as an ultra- competent people manager.
  • Understand how awareness of our attitudes is key to your short and long term success. Discover core self-beliefs that may be limiting or blocking management style or career enhancement.
  • How our feelings connect to our thoughts and how in being open to them enables mutual understanding, aligns expectations and results in accountable action.
  • How acknowledging and being aware of emotions serves your purpose, how different emotions lead to different actions, outcomes and results for you and your team.

Lead with ATTITUDE

  • How the balance between your core attitude determines much of your thinking, feeling and behaviour.
  • How your attitude towards your self-regard and regard for others is critical to unlocking blocked potential in yourself and others.
  • How your core attitudes directly reflect your circumstances and influence outcomes
  • How your attitude affects your life and work and how to manage them effectively
  • Learn how to change your attitude and build a resilient frame of mind for success

Lead with TRUST

  • Learn the difference between successful and unsuccessful relationships
  • Discover why some relationships work and others don’t and how to change them
  • How to move from negativity and insecurity to positivity and security
  • Move from untrusting to trusting and how to turn doubt into insight
  • How trusting carefully can empower yourself and others to success
  • Learn to build trust and accept trusting others

Lead with BELIEF

  • Learn why you behave the way you do and what behaviours serve you
  • How you behave towards others with differences to your own
  • How your behaviour influences customers experience
  • Understand how behaviours link to values, vision and objectives
  • Align behaviours to effective communication and increased productivity


  • Curiosity in changing limiting self-beliefs that can block potential
  • Identify solutions and incorporate new ideas into changing outdated beliefs
  • Empower emotional creativity and discipline to gain solutions from multiple participants
  • Change team beliefs to compliant mutual empowerment
  • Build empathy and awareness in others identifying their limiting belief systems

Course Details:

Course code ILM EIL-18
Duration From 2 to 5 days
Course Fee £2-5k
Venue Various Locations
Dates Last week of every month, excluding June, July and August