Operational Restructuring

Leadership Focus provide existing management with the support, skills and structures to revitalise business performance – starting with managing the immediate problem and finishing with improved systems, skills and structures to ensure the business does not suffer with the same problems in the future.

We understand that every business problem is different – but we always adopt a common approach in the first few days of any turnaround appointment.

The combination of a rigorous and objective approach, together with the flexibility to understand the unique circumstances of each business, is what ensures our high success rate.

Anatomy of a Business Crisis

While we work alongside existing management and at the request of management, turnaround cases are often referred to us by banks, legal and other advisors.

Often existing management needs our help with just one specific aspect of the business where it feels particularly overwhelmed or where challenges are simply outside its experience or comfort zone.

These may include dealing with banks to rebuild confidence after poor financial results and/or issues making repayments to outstanding borrowings; handling a major restructuring involving redundancies; managing key supplier relationships; providing confidence and leadership when key managers have left the business suddenly.


We understand that every business problem is different – but we always adopt a common approach in the first few days of any turnaround appointment

Step 1

Rapid initial assessment of cash and assets plus business dynamics, including where necessary the imposition of "emergency controls"

Step 2 

Careful management of stakeholder expectations, including banks, major customers and major creditors.

Step 3

Detailed review of organisational capability, including systems, processes and key individual.

Step 4

Support existing management in the recruitment of staff for appropriate positions.

Step 5

Providing interim managers of appropriate experience to fill identified management voids.

Step 6

Development of a turnaround plan and ongoing support with the implementation of the plan as appropriate.

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