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At Leadership Focus, we offer an independent advice in corporate finance, based on our experience of 15 years. Having executed and advised many deals with companies. Providing a gateway to solutions that meet your requirements, ensuring business viability, continuity and financial well being.

We offer a full advisory service in Financial syndication, Structured Finance, Stressed Asset, Divestment, Refinance and Invoice Factoring.

Financial Syndication

Loan syndication is the process of involving a number of lenders in funding various portions of a loan for a single borrower. We offer our expertise advise when a borrower requires an amount too large for a single lender to provide or when the loan is outside the scope of a lender’s risk-exposure levels.

Structured Finance

Structured Finance is a solution for highly solvent businesses who are experiencing liquidity issues. This may be due to capital expenditure and/or imminent debt servicing obligations. We advise clients on these challenges by structuring financial products that suit the cash flow profile of the underlying assets.

Stressed Asset

We support companies that are in financial distress, so that they can continue its operation by refinancing. We would make the introduction with the borrower and the lender.


With our industry expertise, we work companies to maximise their monetary value. We do this by evaluating the company’s assets to identify cash generating opportunities. We have the network to bring in a strategic partner to restructure the business to meet the best potential sale of the company.


Businesses who face financial difficulties, due to your funds being tied up in assets and/or funding arrangements are too costly to manage. We at Leadership Focus can search the entire lending market to find simple solutions that will reduce your costs.

Invoice Factoring

Factoring, invoice discounting and invoice finance has become an attractive method to manage strains of cashflow in businesses. Factoring is a process of selling your invoice to a factoring company. This is a solution to raise cash quickly and not having to wait a number of weeks or even months to collect the debt. If you are looking for your invoice finance or the factoring service, then please do contact us. We would gain a better understanding of your business and match you with the right provider aligned to your needs.