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Let Leadership Focus manage the training and levy funding for you. The Apprenticeship Levy went live on 6th April 2017, and over 22,000 businesses across the UK are liable to pay the Apprenticeship Levy.

Leadership Focus works with highly experienced, expert partners to help organizations understand what they are entitled to, how to draw down the funds and how best to make use of the money.



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We have been having some very engaging and insightful conversations with well-known brand names about the Apprenticeship Levy, the advice and support we can provide, and the learning and development services that we can offer.

Through our Next Generation Apprenticeships, we adopt a market-leading “digital first” approach to delivery, offering a truly blended solution to accommodate apprentices’ wide-ranging learning needs, styles and barriers. Our blended solution embraces digital technologies to suit employers’ varying needs and incorporates e-Enrolment, use of ePortfolio software, and access to materials on our online VLE (Virtual Learning Environment).

Leadership Focus is acknowledged as a leader within the market of innovative, technology- based programs that deliver maximum learning and impact, with minimum disruption to our customers’ business.